The Horde, Argent Crusade
272 lbs

Personality Edit

Quite possibly one of the happiest and most eloquent trolls you're bound to meet, Zengu often prides himself on his care-free nature, able to take a great deal of verbal or mental punishment before cracking. Putting friends and family before himself, Zengu will often go out of his way to ensure that they're happy and safe before doing the same for himself, something that others would no doubt find admirable. To add to this, Zengu's emotions will often reflect that of his friends or those closest to him.

Physical Description Edit

Like most any other jungle troll, Zengu is incredibly lanky and thin to boot. Sporting pinkish hair, one could find a single braid if they were to look close enough. Being a relatively young adult troll, Zengu still retains much of his youth in his face, with few (if any) wrinkles beginning to form. Unlike most other male trolls, Zengu sometimes sees his own tusks as cumbersome, especially considering the length of them. Most often found wearing mail, Zengu has recently begun to also bear the colors of the Argent Crusade, something which has no doubt made his closest friend, Lanuria, happy.

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