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Wrokk Groundpound is a steadfast orc warrior of the Horde. His first and formost loyalty is to the the Warchief Thrall. Prefering to always weild an axe, as is inherant with his people, he currently weilds the legendary axe Gorehowl... the axe of the fallen leader of the Warsong Clan Grom Hellscream. Taking the freedom of his people very seriously, he tends to be solem in all his duties with an unweavering commitment to his people.

Background History:

Left on the doorstep of a Night Elf family at birth, Wrokk Groundpound was raised by mercifull night elves who had faught along side the orcs of the new Horde during the 3rd war. Nothing is known about who his blood family. once of age though Wrokk set out to rejoin his people and become a loyal member of the Horde and after hearing of his many tales serving the great and honorable Warchief Thrall. With no interest in finding his blood family Wrokk fills his days with veriouse tasks and journeys for the betterment of the Horde and all who are protected by its banner.

His demenor has shifted as of late though to a more intraverted, hermit like state after a viciouse battle with the demons of the Burning Crusade. He was the lone survivor of the band that met the demons in battle and felt he failed his people after he did not die an Honorable and gloriuse death with them such as his friends and allys did.


Wrokk has chosen to reside under the battle standard of the Wyvern Comapy, A malitia in service to the Horde. It is apparent to him that his 'axe first, ask questions later' mentality fits in well with there trust-worthy leaders battle montra. Although Wrokk is not a prominent figure among the company, he appreas to be happy as a grunt and works to be of what service and aid he can be to Wyvern Company in any way he is needed.

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