Triz Fizzlewick


Inspector of G.A.D.G.E.T.
Character class
Innovator, Demonologist
Gnomeregan Exiles, G.A.D.G.E.T.
Tybis Brightspark (Father)

Triz Fizzlewick is the leader and founder of the Gnomes Against the Disparagement of Gnomish Engineering and Technology.

General Description Edit

Everything about Triz seems to be methodically planned and organized from her perfectly symmetrical earrings to the matching silver ribbons that secure her sapphire braided buns.

Though average stature for a Gnome, Triz’s well kept appearance helps to her stand out in a crowd. Her hair is never disheveled; attire never ill-fitting. Her emerald eyes seem to always be processing information, offering a small glimpse into her inquisitive nature.

A small snowshoe rabbit can be frequently spotted accompanying Triz. While at first glance the rabbit looks like any other from Dun Morogh, on closer inspection the whiskers appear to be fashioned of fine copper wires almost resembling antennae.

History Edit

Born 30 years before the First War, Triz began tinkering at a young age. Building her first Universal Remote at 17 (roughly 6 human years), she showed promise as a designer and inventor. With the fall of Gnomeregan, she fled to Ironforge where she continued her studies in the advancement of Gnomish technology. Within the past four years, she began making several trips to Ratchet in her endeavors to gain knowledge. It is there that the rivalry between the gnomes and goblins rekindled her desire to see that the gnomes make great strides in the race for technology.

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