Tierthom Gero
Knights of Menethil
18 years of Military service, 6 years as Death Knight
Current Residence
Somewhere in Burning Steppes
Known Family
Steven Arcaius Fruscainte (Cousin, Alive)
Chaotic Good

Tierthom is a generally nice, but sarcastic guy. He walks around with great pride, both in himself and his people. Kind of non-chalant about him being a Death Knight he goes on like everyone else in every day life. He doesn't seem too concerned about much at all; in fact all he seems to think of is the Knights and Women. His life was cut short when he was taken by the Scourge, and although a lot has been lost in his life he is seemingly unaware of any of it. Thom has a skill for the Frost aspect of Rune-Necromancy, but is kind of terrible in the sense of Unholy and Blood magics. If you ever meet him, he is real polite and respectful; however if you fight him, you'll regret it the rest of your life. About 2-15 minutes depending on who you are.


Standing at average height for a dwarf, Thom stands tall with his chin in the air. His plate clanks over his entire body. His head is veiled, except for a portion of his face by a black hood. His beard drapes down out of his hood, greyed by the undeath that plagued him for seven years. His eyes, a deep blue light in the darkness.

Around his neck, a black coin with a marking which looks like a cult symbol carved in. The coin his held by a thick leather string that wraps around his neck, under his beard and long hair.

His cape is held in place under his shoulderguards. Draping down to the floor behind him, but not touching the ground passively; it slides around his sides and partially his front. The cape is made beautifully with blue cloth, with darker blue markings on it.

Under the cape, on Thom's left side is his Runeblade. Due to his height, and liking to smaller weapons the blade is not as large as other Runeblades. It is held in by a small metal sheath that is kept snugly on his belt. Hardly ever using it, let alone sheathing it, it is still a power to be reckoned with.

If he un-sheathes it, ice will creep up to the top of the blade like a snake slithering up a tree. It is not straight, but has many sharp curves on it for maximum effect. It is engraved in with markings, a red crystal right above the hilt in the blade.

On his belt you would find a bag or two, just filled with some coin and maybe some food for the road. More so, you would find grenades; a book is also hitched onto his belt by a metal chain.

The StoryEdit

Coming soon.

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