((Kil'Jaeden was downed post patch 3.0 by Wrath of the Righteous. It was a server first kill and happily it was before wotlk.)) --Rumz 19:50, 7 November 2008 (UTC)

The battle was a feast for the eyes.

Kil'Jaeden was a sight to behold, terrifying in his power and dark majesty.The man'ari towered over us and yet he fought not with his fists, for he at heart was a manipulator of magic.

Fire streaking everywhere, catching and igniting on us, Kil'Jaedens dark magics making the light twist and dance to his whim, while Kalecgos's shadow beat around us, his magics adding to the chaos from above.

We added our own touch to this ballet of light. Frost, fire and shadow streaked side by side, straight and true. Wounds flashed close with magic, renewing the dance of limbs and weapons weaving their own little light show.

The entire battle felt like a dance, with moves seemingly random, yet still following some grander pattern.

In and out, to and fro, we danced around his magic and added our own reply.

For all that we brought, we were doomed against such might and would have failed, were it not for Kalecgos's help. Not only did he lend us his magic, he helped the Avatar of the sunwell break free of the Deceiver's control.

Even then it was close. Kil'Jaeden had laid many of us low, and was preparing to end it once and for all.

And then, with one last surge of strength, one last act of heroism, it was over.

We awakened those who had fallen, lit by a glow that matched the sun's.

The memories are hazy , but the noble Prophet Velen was there as well as Lady Liadrin of the Shattered Sun.

Together, we witnessed the heart of M'uru flow into the sunwell, reigniting it.

A sense of love and grace washed over us.

A sense of hope.

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