The Theramore Knights

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Commanding Officer
Genearl Shelden Lightfrost
Executive Officer
Colonel Catterbe Thayner
Operations Officer (Webmaster)
Colonel Arduron Tyren Valandale
Recruiting Officer
Captain Loftonius

The Theramore Knights are the 81st Division of the Theramore military.  The 81st Division's nickname, "The Theramore Knights" contains three brigades:

  • The 212th Brigade of Patrollers
  • The 95th Brigade of Mountaineers
  • The 12th Squadron, 7th Fleet (Navy)

History Edit

The Theramore Knights were commissioned when the Kingdom of Theramore was established.  At first, the Theramore Knights were somewhat disorganized, and suffered from officers who were not qualified in receiving commissions.  The 81st Division suffered from lack of good leadership from its officers and Lady Jaina Proudmoore had given serious thought to standing down the Theramore Knights.

Guild Reformation Edit

Late in December of 2009, three officers began making plans to completely revamp The Theramore Knights and turn the 81st Division into a competent, fighting force in the Service of Theramore.  Colonels Arduron and Starrbuck, and Major Katralyn held the first officer meeting of the Knights and laid down the framework that would chance the Theramore Knights forever.  General Shelden, Colonels Arduron and Starrbuck and Major Katralyn would work very closely over the next several weeks to reform the Guild.  Several key problems were identified and solutions were proposed:

  • The old promotion system of officers being appointed arbitrarily was replaced with a selective system that required both a written application and an interview.
  • The Theramore Knights were divided into three separate brigades: Moutnaineers, Patrollers, and Sailors.  Each would have its own Brigade Commander and said commander would have numerous delegated powers to manage their own brigade.
  • A Guild Charter was drafted by Colonel Starrbuck/Captain Catterbe.  The Guild Charter codified the rules of the Theramore Knights to which all members would be held accountable, including the Guild Leader.  The Charter was ratified and passed into law on Janurary 3rd, 2010.

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