'Short OOC: Well, we are a heavy roleplaying group, mature I might add.. but, whatever happens, happens, we offer a great enviroment  for roleplaying, and wish to better Moonguard in essence. We only accept GOOD roleplayers.

Short Descripition: The Stormwind Shadow Traders is a Shadowy, Underground Trading Company, which deals in all sorts of oddities, from selling drugs, to mugging, smuggling, and prostitution, it is a catch all for a Criminal Underground, it is restricted to those Eighteen or Older. Level 5+ The leader, is a shadowy figure known as 'Grastin' whom which, is often known as 'Johnny Rico' the activities and underground plots, are unknown, but what is known, there is a larger underground, this group works with, perhaps a bigger picture, which is Shadowy in essence.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Location: Stormwind City

Leader: 'Johnny Rico' (Grastin)

(Due to metagaming purposes, the information posted will be limited to a short paragraph informing basics of the guild, I will not go into detail, plus I'm new to wiki. So yeah.)

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