The Lordaeron 18th Royal Infantry Company was once regarded as the laughing stock of the Alliance military. Once led by a defunct--and otherwise "insane" Captain--the company was considered the worst of all military units.

Combat HistoryEdit

The Crown Protectorate, as they were called, had not seen as much fighting as their counterparts. Many of its soldiers had escaped to a safe haven during the outbreak of the Second War, leaving only very few of them to fend for the King. The majority of the Protectorate was utterly destroyed; until the Third War, there only remained 38 soldiers; twenty of them had already died of old age.

The Third War saw a much-needed improvement in the Protectorate. The Silver Hand took notice to the dire situation the 18th Company was in. They had assigned Xandar Stormdragon, a fully-initiated Knight of the Silver Hand, to overlook the training and recruitment of the 18th Company.

Throughout the next four months, the 18th saw drastic changes. The new training regime turned the sorry soldiers it held into elite soldiers, and the recruitment brought the numbers from 38 soldiers to over 230 warriors, priests, and magi, marking it one of the most elite fighting forces to ever stand in the Lordaeron Military.

The 18th was charged with the more difficult tasks during the entirety of the Third War. Their duties took them Southshore to Andorhal, and then to Stratholme.


When the 18th was sent to Stratholme...

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