The Moonblade


Guild Type
Kaldorei Military RP-PVP
Military Type
Special and Black Ops
To promote traditional Kaldorei culture and to crush the enemies of Darnassus.
Guild Leader
Warden Melyria Starstrike

The Moonblade is a Kaldorei heavy RP guild with a focus on roleplaying, world PVP, RP-PVP and battlegrounds.

The guild was formed on November 12th, 2010 and is run by Melyria.


The Moonblade seeks to restore the honor of the Kaldorei by striking at the enemies of Darnassus quickly and without mercy, be they traitors, cultists or The Horde. The group runs as a Spec Ops unit, responding to threats as well as performing ambushes and raids upon enemy encampments. The unit embodies strict Kaldorei traditions and code, seeking to keep the pride and power that the old ways have given them.


As the Shattering shook the world and Deathwing's return ravaged Kaldorei land the Temple sought to create a new unit separate from The Sentinels to carry out missions too far reaching or too dangerous to be done by the formal military. They were approached by Melyria Starstrike, a Warden who was recently given her position. She requested that she run the unit in the memory of The Watchers, the group shattered and broken years before, yet notorious for the tenacity and skill employed by their soldiers.

The unit was titled "The Moonblade" for it was meant to be a sword swung in Elune's name, plunged into the dark heart of the enemies that encroached upon Kaldorei land. And so the memory of The Watchers was reforged into a weapon of vengeance for Darnassus and her people.

And so The Moonblade grew in strength and stalked the forests of Kalimdor, watching, investigating and routing out threats no matter where they were.


Melyria Starstrike, Warden of Darnassus

Matron of The Moonblade (Guild Leader)

Kalaryia Starbreeze, General of Moonblade Forces

Moonblade General (Co-GM)

Galondel Fleetsong, Cenarion Ambassador

Rulona Starshatter, Sentinel Commander - Archer Division

Feyawen Nightfury, Envoy of The Temple

Ceyora Nightstride, Master of the Moonlit Path - Elunite Monk

Joining The MoonbladeEdit

The Moonblade is a traditional Kaldorei military unit and as such we adhere to the 'old ways'. We accept Kaldorei Warriors, Hunters, Rogues and Priests with no issue, though they have to be female, as is the cultural norm. Druids may be male or female, given that gender inclusion/exclusion was not a decision made by the temple but rather the Cenarion Circle, an order outside of the military's control. We do not accept Death Knights and Highborne Mages are rarely taken so that their numbers remain in check. Highborne are mandated by The Temple and get no love from the unit as a whole, being treated as outsiders and outcasts and even are the focus of hostility and frustrated outbursts.

The minimum level to join is 20, with the intent to get to the level cap. Guild participation is required, attending at a couple events a month and being active within the RP scene. To learn more please contact an officer or Melyria.

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