The Maelstrom
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Guild Leadership
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The Coming Storm Edit

The howling winds blow across the Tundra. Snow drifts along as the lone horseman rides along. Snow crunching under the horse's hooves. The horse stops at the edge of a cliff overlooking a valley where many things crawl and slither. The horseman raises his head to observe the movement below him. His eyes flash a cold blue for a moment and his horse stirs.

The Scourge. An evil blight upon this world. Only one can truely be accused for this atrocity. A name that the horseman snarls at, as his hand tighten on the reins of the horse. If horse it could be called. There comes a blue eldritch flame as the horseman calls on his powers, given to him by the self same master of this legion below him. The horse rears as he pulls forth a heavy sword. Both a glow in blue flame. They rush down the incline into the unsuspecting army arrayed in the valley. Others appear and rush over the edges, mounts galloping, loping, sprinting. All the riders drawing weapons, some glow with power, others gleam with wicked edges. Mages, Priests, and Warlocks stand at their backs slinging Frost, Fire, Shadow, Light, and Magick down upon the enemies below.

The Legion caught unawares quickly musters a defense and counter attack. For their intelligence is not their own, but that of their Master's. Yet, Even this cannot battle the riders from over the hill. The clash of Sword and Shield, the cries of soldiers and beasts mix in the valley.

The Horseman watches as the snow covers the remains of many undead scourge and soldier alike. The white making the valley look clean, but just below the surface there is a rot that is growing with every death. It will not be long before these "soldiers" are found and risen yet again. Maybe the time will come when the Master of the Scourge will answer for his crimes. And hopefully this one's sword will be there to help deliver the final blow. He turns his horse and the snow crunches under the steed's hooves as he rides towards the next pit of undeath. He allows memories of who he once was and what he has lost accompany him. His fellows carry similar burdens. They all have one name that causes pain and anger. They all have the same cause.

The battle has been joined.

A Storm is Coming.

Ranks Edit

Sgt Major
1st Sergeant
Civilians (Alt Rank)

Guild Application and Recruitment Edit

Currently Recruiting: None

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