The Grand Caravan
Lawful Good

~-Under Heavy Construction-~

The Grand Caravan is an organization of traders, mercenaries, and explorers whose large membership consists of individuals from many different factions and guilds that serve the Alliance. Often charged by high-ranking Alliance officials with transporting various trade goods between major cites, the members of the Caravan generally complete these journeys on foot, traveling far across the lands of Azeroth and entertaining themselves along the way by exchanging grand stories of their past adventures and exploring the various locales.

RP EventsEdit


Event leaders: Athyria, Allyeth, Télos


Event leaders: Athyria

IC RaidsEdit

Event leaders: Râilya




Athyria Sethius - Head of Exploration, main organizer of caravans and storytelling
Télos Laf'Ael - Leader of the Hearthstone Mercenaries, Head of Security
Râilya Le'coure - Warlord, main organizer of IC raids
Allyeth Largon - Founder, co-leader of caravans

Participating GuildsEdit

Cerca Trova
The Hearthstone Mercenaries
Pretium Scientiae


Kelyan Wilson


Kamìken Lifethane - Lieutenant to Râilya Le'coure
Ramallen Metosnir
Vylias Rillain - Often serves in a leadership position in the Caravan if Athyria is absent


Riama Rillain
Yrael Leingod

OoC InfoEdit

During our roleplaying events, the Caravan will not consort with guilds of evil nature for both IC and OoC reasons. We do not recognize The Stormwind Guard or the Council of Nine as the Caravan's superiors.

If interested in participating in our events, simply send an in-game message to one of the Caravan's leaders.

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