The Gallow's End TavernEdit

This Somewhat Run down Tavern is located in the Forsaken town of brill and has become rather popular as of late as a place for people to come and enjoy themselves and relax.

In the Past Edit

According to records in the Brill town hall the Gallow's End Tavern was formally known as the Traveler's End Tavern and Inn. It was established shortly before the Second war and was a favourite spot amongst the Knights and Soldiers of Lordaeron. During the rise of the Scourge is served as the meeting place for the Dalaran Militia and other forces combating the Undead.

Current State Edit

The Inn has since become a bit dilapidated ever since the Scourge sacked the place. Rotting wood is abundant and much of the original structure has had to be replaced in danger of collapse. However though it may seem a bit off putting the Inn guarentees a place to rest, a Hot meal, and certainly a story or two.

Ownership Edit

The Actual Inn part of the Tavern is under the current ownership of the Innkeeper Renee who rents out rooms to travelers for a modest fee. The Tavern and Kitchen are freely controlled by a Warlock named Jarclair Dornez Richards. Who opens the Bar infrequently for those wishing a drink.

Policies Edit

While the Tavern is a free place to stay around at Jarclair and Renee enforce several basic rules that they expect all to abide by which include. 1. No Roughhousing will be tolerated. 2. No Free drinks unless told so by the bartender 3. A Pleasing and welcoming atmosphere must be maintained 4. No Racial remarks or general Rudeness. 5. No Alcohol to Demons! Period! 6. You make the mess you clean it up. 7. There is no Rule number 7 8. General respect of all patrons. 9. There is no Ale. We cannot get it through Enemy lines. 10. Any Violation of these rules and Policies will result in a warning. Following further offense will constitute by immediate removal from the premises and a Light Ban may or may not be instituted.

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