The Crimson Fist was a neutral-evil mercenary guild led by Koreondi Cogglespinner.


Although the Fist, as it was called, never became very big, it had a few well-known members. These included, but are not limited to; Samli Stoneframe, Koreondi Cogglespinner, and although his claim to fame came later, Carkilt Mac'Aree. Another member, known as Gerlian, has had little activity since the disbandment.


At first, the Fist fought little battles against the Stormwind Guard, let at the time by 'Basileus' Margiano. It is most well-known, however, for it's successful disbandment of the guard into the ASF. The battle, led by the Fist's Gerlian, dug a hole from the Pig and Whistle tavern into the med-bay of the Guards' Command Center. From there they launched a quite successful surprise attack.

When the Guard later merged with the ASF, the guild was disbanded, and the members went their separate ways.

It is rumored, however, that Koreondi is recreating the Fist from his new kingdom.

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