The Collegium is  a 10/25? man raiding guild that seeks to progress further into 10 man Icecrown and eventually clear it. we currently are recruiting dedicated Healers that are active and will show up for raid times! We are not recruiting any dps slots, exceptions can be made if you can do like 9k dps in ten mans or something.

Currently all Meele DPS Slots are FILLED.  

We are Looking for any of these: Mages, Shamans ( esp: Resto)

Tank slots are currently filled as well.  Please be on often and make our raid times if you sign up, or it will be pugged.

Gear: There is no Gear trial period, the second you join, you are Elegible for earning gear from raids.

WE do follow a DKP system that dictacts who has spots in our ten mans, this is largely based on donations and Activity.

We currently have naxx 10 on farm, Ulduar 10 on farm and Voa 10, OS 10 on farm as well. We have cleared the first four bosses in ten man icecrown and currently have it on farm. We also have cleared much of ToGC.

The Collegium at the moment lacks the sheer active members to pull a full in-guild 25 man, so if you are interested in creating a guild alliance or possibly joining, please contact Dartrintus of Moon Guard, or any of the Officers.

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