IC Information Edit

Bloodstorm Clan
Guild Type
Heavy RP Orientation
Guild Theme
Clan-based, lightly mercenary-esque, group seeking to bring the honor of the Old Horde back and uphold the honor of Orgrimmar.
Head of the Clan
High Chieftain Murak Bloodstorm
Lesser Chieftains (Officers)
None as of yet.
Guild Website
( Work in Progress )

The Bloodstorm Clan is a new up and coming Clan that values the ideaology of the Old Horde. The clan wishes to bring honor back to Orgrimmar and the Horde. They disagree with Thrall's constant strive for peace.

The Clan is a clan first and foremost. We take care of our own, we move and act as a clan. We only accept Orcs, Tauren, and non-mage Trolls into our ranks. This is to fit with the Old Horde mentality, of which the Forsaken and Elves have no part. We uphold shamanistic ways as sacred. Nobody is overlooked, we are a group united.

Under the command of High Chief Murak Bloodstorm, we will bring honor to Orgrimmar and get things done in the style of the Old Horde. While a clan, we wish to help the masses with whatever tasks they need doing that the current regime is not fit to deal with. We are not mercenaries, but we will always help those in need.

OOC Information Edit

We were formed on Thursday, August 13, 2009 by Murak, with special help from Kerze.

The Bloodstorm Clan wishes to bring some RP to Orgrimmar and Durotar from Silvermoon. We want to form a clan in the respect of traditional shamanistic Horde style. We will not allow the Forsaken or Sin'dorei entrance, as they are far from this idea. Death Knights will be accepted or declined on a case to case basis.

While mercenary work might be used to describe what the Bloodstorm Clan wishes to do in helping Orgrimmar, we will do it free of charge, so long as it fits with the Old Horde mentality. While Thrall would try to negotiate with the Centaur encroaching on your land, we will crush some skulls and send those rodents back to their holes.

The Chieftain wishes to organize events for the horde masses, Forsaken and Sin'dorei are welcome to these events. These events will be tuned, hopefully, to bring RP to Orgrimmar.

We have a Tabard as of this page's most recent update.

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