The Bleak Hearted
Newfyr Bloodmoon Bleaktotem

History Edit

The Burning Crusade Edit

Leaving his Feralas home, Newfyr Bloodmoon Grimtotem takes a small band of heroes through the Dark Portal. The sight of Draenor, destroyed, leads him to name his small tribe The Bleak Hearted to honor their rather dark outlook on the future.

The Wrath of the Lich King Edit

Following the assasination of his chieftain father high in the mountains of Feralas, Newfyr inherits a small isolationist Grimtotem tribe.

The Bleak Hearted join the Lich King in trying to infect citizens of Azeroth and their leaders. When the infection wanes and attention turns to Northrend, Newfyr and his followers join the crowd in watching Garrosh battle Thrall. This interests the group greatly and the tauren follows Garrosh to Northrend, joining the battle against the Lich King.

The Cataclysm Edit

The recent cataclysm has caused a violent upheaval within The Bleak Hearted. Having been seen often with his blood elf, Renato, Newfyr now finds himself alone after the death of his mate. Bitter and vengeful, the chieftain has taken his clan in a new direction.

Under his belief that Deathwing will destroy Azeroth, Newfyr and his followers have become active participants in fighting against the corrupted Earthwarder. Though he believes he and all he knows will perish in ash, the tauren is determined to die fighting and spreads this belief through his tribe.

Newfyr has shed the title of Grimtotem and renamed his inherited tribe the Bleaktotem.

Characters of Note Edit

Seeking the Tribe Edit

Laws Edit


The Bleak Hearted
Newfyr Bloodmoon Bleaktotem

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