We regret to inform you that this guild is now defunct. Thank you for your interest.

The Blades
Brief Description
A home for mercenaries and outcasts
Chaotic (Dark) Neutral
Aeter/Takeo, Cashane
Affiliated Guilds

IC Guild InformationEdit

We're the sort of people you might see brooding over a pint in the Slaughtered Lamb, or might NOT see, lurking in the shadows around some of the shadier areas of large cities. Our members range from mad druids, money-loving rogues, outcast priestesses, and disgruntled paladins... from titled knights to street urchins, all are welcome to the safety and sanctity of our little family, with the promise of interesting "jobs" on the side.

OOC Guild InformationEdit

1. Guild chat: Our guild chat is IC, taking place at our guild hall (not an actual place in-game). We also have an OOC channel that is usually filled with members, members' alts, and members' friends, and ex-members, and prospective members, and... you get the point.

2. Officers: GM is Symi. Officers include Aeter/Takeo and Cashane.

3. Members: The Blades have grown and changed as time has gone by, but we will always endorse and pursue heavy RP, and aid for lower-level characters who want to level while with us. We have no level requirements, and most of our higher-ups are more than happy to give lowbies and lowbie alts runs through various instances. As of late, we have gained a group of level 80 raiders, so we hope to encourage all kinds of gameplay (RP, PvE, maybe even PvP) for every level. We have no age requirement, but adult themes arise IC and OOC. You have been warned.

4. Events: Unless otherwise noted, there are weekly meetings during which assignments are given out, contracts finished, and booze consumed. Guild-wide RP is encouraged, as is inter-guild RP. We encourage you to pursue your own plots with other players, but our officers may toss things out every now and then. If you need someone to act as storyteller for a plot, Cashane is among those who will gladly volunteer to help.

5. OOC Benefits

We have the following benefits for your use:

1. Guild Bank (4 tabs, usually filled with mats, recipes, and RP gear)

2. Guild Tabard (Free tabards are usually available in the guild bank)

3. Vent (large enough for raids, with enough rooms for small conversations and general chit-chat)

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