Tephra is a Dwarf Paladin on the Alliance Faction of Moon Guard US. Played by user Fannie.

Dame Tephra Stonehallow


City of Ironforge, Grand Alliance, Modan Co, Ironforge Senate
4' 2"
She's not telling!
Ironforge City

Dame Tephra StonehallowEdit

Basic Biography Edit

  • Full Title: Dame Tephra Abigail Stonehallow, daughter of Senator Mehr Stonehallow, exalted Paladin of Khaz Modan.
  • Relatives: Senator Mehr Stonehallow (Father), Sillica Stonehallow (Daughter), Baron Ferges Shalebunker (ex-husband)
  • History: Intended to be a future Senator, the plans set for Tephra went awry when scandal over her divorce with Baron Ferges broke out in the Ironforge media. Her chances of election shattered, the Dame quickly joined the Ironforge clergy and found a life there until opportunity for election presented itself with King Bronzebeard's plans for a new, archaeological direction for the Dwarves.

Leaving the clergy and joining the Modan Company under Chief Foreman Rijj's guidance, the Dame made a name for herself in the Company and archaeological circles. She had plans to run for election later in the year, when Dark Iron dwarves kidnapped her in Searing Gorge and tortured her in hopes they would gain knowledge over the Ironforge dwarves. Thanks to the quick response by members of the Modan Company, however, Tephra survived. Although her eyes were mutilated and lost use, Tephra would live another day.


Dame Tephra Stonehallow on an Ashenvale expedition in her early days in Modan Co.

Unfortunately, this would annihilate her chances for election, forcing the Dame into a life of archaeology. Frustration over this came to a head after the Lich King was defeated, and Tephra decided to retire in Ironforge for the time being.


Dame Tephra Stonehallow on a Stranglethorn Vale expedition, prior to her kidnapping.

Physical Description Edit

Old but muscled, wiry but still stout by human standards, Tephra Stonehallow is not a paragon of Dwarven strength. She is in a good enough state to fight with her holy mace, but tends to stay in the back to heal her comrades. Her loss of sight has injured her combat capabilities dramatically, but time spent training has lessened this to a degree.

She is always in shining gold plate, occasionally with the tabard of Modan Co covering her chest. On her back is her purple and gold Grand Marshall's mace, her cloak matching. Across her eyes is a simple black fabric, meant to keep the attention away from her mutilated eyesockets.

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