Teeienus is a paladin of some notable power, and a former soldier of the Sunguard. Whereas he was once vehement in his duties, and unquestioningly loyal (if a bit facetious), he appears withdrawn outside of the battlefield. Recently, due to his fondness for sprouting wings of light yet activating a magical trinket at the same time, he has been called a "bloody angel from hell", because of the red glow his trinket gives his skin, armour, and wings.

History Edit

Not much is known about him, except that he likes to be called "the Lightforged" for a Lightforged blade that he keeps on his person at all times. The place or person he aquired this from is not known, and he does not share it, but it is known that such a blade is normally only bestowed upon Paladins of the Alliance. It is a matter of public record that Teeienus was once a spellbreaker, that vanished during the invasion of the Scourge. Where he was for the year and a half in between his reappearance and dissapearance is not known. He left the Sunguard some time after returning from Northrend, due to newly christened officers he did not know attempting to make him do what he said without question. Whereas he would have followed Tendael to his grave, these new officers disturbed him and invoked his apparent distaste.

Recently he began a private military called the "Wyvern Company", due to the ferocious warlike use of Wyverns in Outland. He appears to run it behind a veil, handing out orders from underneath so as to hide his intentions. Little is known about the Company so far.

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