Description Edit

This tauren is a giant to many, even his own race. His massive size gives an intimidating feel to any who observe him. He is missing the top of one of his horns that he lost in a recent fight with a human in Booty Bay. He has a large unkempt goatee that hangs loosely from his chin that he can often be seen stroking it when in thought. Tough he seems like a beast to many he is actually a very kind man with a tendency to use words before violence.

Background Edit

Taons was born to a very small clan called the Blackhoof clan. The clan lived off the land in the barrens until one day a great disease affected the gazelle that the clan lived off of and the disease spread to the members. Taons was the only one unaffected by the disease and sought out a cure. He found it while in Booty Bay and tried to take it but before he could make it back to his clan he was attacked by a human warrior named Horat who took the medicine from him after a fight that Taons lost. Sad an defeated Taons went back to his clan and took care of them until they all died. Enraged and seeking a new home, Taons seeks a new clan and a way of getting revenge on the Human named Horat.

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