Takado Wulf-Face
Engineer, Pilot, Scout, Marksman
Current political affiliations:
The Horde,

The Argent Crusade, Steamwheedle Cartel, Cenarion Circle,

Goblin Experimental Engineering Korporation


Takado is a fairly average looking troll: Tall, lanky, blue, slightly fuzzy.

His white hair is kept in shoulder length dreadlocks, ties with bits of twine and adorned with various trinkets: One braid loops through a nut, washer, and cog. Another is bound with several bright beads and a raptor's tooth. He has so many adornments and tokens in his mane that it's rather noisy when he shakes his head with all the clicking, tinkling, and rustling.

Takado's face is unscarred and youthful. The only thing of any remark (though it's likely the main thing you'd remember about him) is a white wolf's face inked over his own in a permanent mask. The wolf in question is Roesjen, his faithful companion. Taka's eyes are usually covered by engineer's goggles. He wears these whether tinkering or not as a sign of engineering pride.

His clothes are usually simple and chosen for practicality over style. He's likely to be wearing his brown and black mail and leathers, a simple kilt and vest for lounging, or canvas pants and a padded leather overshirt for adventuring.

Combat Edit

Takado is trained in a variety of weapons, but prefers to use a rifle for ranged combat. If he's ever caught in close quarters, he's handy with a knife or staff. Whether in long range or in a narrow hallway, count on Taka to use some sort of gadget, whether it be his portable lightning generator or any variety of explosive device.


Takado was once a member of the Zandalari tribe, an offshoot of the Zandalar Trolls intent on bringing the "old ways" of Trollish culture back to Troll-kind. He left upon realizing he didn't truely agree with the ideals of the group.

He is also a former member of The Banepaw Fellowship, a guild formed by the late Trehmar Banepaw purposed with uniting the Horde and it's allies. His reasons for leaving aren't fully explained, but he has indicated that he finds the group to be "too warlike".

Taka has a loose association with the Brill based church of the light Kiss of the Betrayer, a contact made through the Banepaw fellowship. Takado is on friendly terms with several of the church's members, namely Trinea, wife of the head minister of the church.

He has had some sort of relationship in the past with the thieves calling themselves Veldbarad Bornevalesh, led by the cunning Celeania "The Rat" Therrand.

He is currently a member of the FCU.

Further material

Takado's Journal

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