Taark Battlehammer
Clan Battlehammer
Mining and Smithing
Current Residence
Known Family
Neutral Good

Taark Battlehammer, leader of Clan Battlehammer, wants simply nothing more that to find a place in the world for his people. He has no grand visions of conquest or glory, all he wants is to secure the future of his beloved clan.

Currently he is leading a calling for dwarves of the Alliance to unite under the Battlehammer banner and lead a migration back into Northrend and claim what is rightfully theirs, a place in the world. While currently still gathering champions to his cause, Taark's story has just begun.

Raised in Loch Modan Taark is often found working in the nearby mines, and diligently working at the smithy crafting armor and weapons to support the war effort. He has no current family seeing as he had left his past behind him many years ago. He is a genuinely charitable soul who delights in seeing those around him succeed. He is rather jolly in nature when down at the pub, but once his armor is thrown on you want to be behind him rather than in front of him.


Currently Taark wears an assortment of chain mail armor. His orange beard is a good indicator of his fiery spirit and his long braid a testament to his wisdom. He is often found wading into battle wielding axe and shield.

At present he is looking for a suitable hammer with which he can use to rally his dwarven kin behind the Battlehammer banner.

He has around his neck a thick chain necklace. A memento of things that once were, on those somber nights at the tavern, Taark can be often seen fingering the chains, almost as if he were counting the links.

Taark has a tattoo on his right bicep, two solid bars going around the bicep, with a simple solid 'X' sitting on top of them. Scars can be seen across his body from countless battle he has fought against numerous enemies.

The StoryEdit

Coming soon.

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