Seifu Symora Shadowgarde
Game Information
Game Name Symora
Faction Alliance
Race Night Elf
Class Warrior
Professions Brawler, Farmer
Height 7'2
Weight 220 Lbs
Gender Male
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Yellow
Age 14300 Years
Alignment Chaotic Neutral


Physical AppearanceEdit

Character's psycheEdit

Positive traitsEdit

  1. Creativity
  2. Humor
  3. Curiosity

Negative traitsEdit

  1. Vulgar
  2. Disrespectful
  3. Impatient
  4. Stubborn


  • Father: Althorin Shadowleaf (Deceased)
  • Mother: Melfina Shadowleaf, born Shadowleaf (Deceased)

Guild affiliation and rankEdit


  • Legendary Farmer
  • Amateur Scribe
  • Pit Fighter

Talent buildsEdit


Synopsis of character's historyEdit

  • Born in Suramar, Kalimdor
  • Engaged in schooling
  • Lives a carefree existence
  • Fights for the liberation of his people
  • Survives The Sundering

Character's history (in detail)Edit

Character's journalEdit

RP mod descriptionEdit

Symora usually draws people's attention due to his strange hairstyle and the large scar which runs from the top of his scalp over his left eye and down to his chin. The entirety of his body is littered with scars most of which are jagged in pattern and seem to be from claws or barbed weaponry. The most notable of these is a long horizontal scar across the neck. From his wrinkles you can tell he is old, even by Night Elf standards. Symora stands at 7 feet 2 inches and weighs in at 220 pounds. He boasts a strong brow, muscular build, and powerful chin. Careful study of him would reveal that under his goggles he is missing his left eye. Careful study also reveals he walks with a limp and emits the stench of alcohol at all times.



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