A rogue in the truest sense of the term Sylestan Da'kar is never one to shy away from loose women and liquor. Indeed, instead he lives for it. When he's not parading the random bar sluts and drinking from his prized flask he is out watching the happenings of the street. His favorite drink is the D.G.G. (Distilled Goblin Gasoline) or Molten Core Whiskey. He carries a custom six-shot shadow-imbued flintlock with him at all times along with his trusty dagger and rapier.

Tragic Endings, New Beginnings Edit

Not much is known about Sylestan's birth or his parents, his true birthday is not even know, he was simply found one day washed up upon the shores of Ashenvale along the Zoram Strand as an infant. It would later be discovered in his dreams that his father along with his crew had been taken by the curse of the Amulet of Cursed Winds. He was soon picked up by a small community of Kal'dorei fishermen and for the first few decades of his life he was raised there by them.

Wanderlust Edit

It wasn't long however before the blood within Sylestan's veins began to take its hold. He was the descendant of a long line of pirates, smugglers, scoundrels, treasure hunters, and thieves and deep down something took a hold as he left the fishing village as just a teenager. Eventually he made it to the port of Ethel Rethor and spent several days hiding out living on stolen bits of food and his first taste of liquor. Soon enough a band of bandits and pirates past through finding him in a drunken stupor in their cache of whiskey. Suffice to say they were not happy and were just about to slit his throat when the captain stepped in to save his ass. He recognized the symbols on the Amulet of Cursed Winds as a Highborne artifact of vast power and use at sea. As he attempted to remove the amulet it refused to come off and the captain not wanting to lose the chance of holding such a powerful artifact decided to take him into the crew.



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