Haldir "Stoutley" Barleybrew


Character Class
Ironforge, Gnomeregan, Alliance
Brewer, Engineer (in-game: Mining, Engineering, Cooking, Fishing, and First Aid)
Height and Weight
4'5", and 169 lbs.
Eye Color
Brewnall Village
Small house in Loch Modan, rarely found in Ironforge or Stormwind.
(In progress)

(Work in progress. Heavy construction zone, hard hat required.)

Appearance Edit

(In progress!) He is a smelly, hairy, dirty Dwarf.

Brief Backstory / Lore Edit

Early in his life, he more of less lived as a bum, not doing much of anything besides getting thrown out of taverns. He had several unsuccesful attempts at making money off of

Stoutley in Ironforge, equipped in armor from his glory days. His trusty mace rests in his hand.

his own concoctions of ale, and managed to work on and off at taverns in and around Ironforge. He finally decides to join the military during the Second War. After the war ends, he retires from the military and settles for a simple life in Brewnall Village. He carries on unaware of the events of the Third War, but lends his aid when Troggs invade nearby Gnomeragan. After it's semi-destruction, he finds himself unable to stay in Dun Morogh. He now owns a small house in Loch Modan, near Ironband's Excavation Site. His curiousity grows as he spends more and more time visiting there, trading stories with miners, and looking over ancient artifacts.

Origin of Name Edit

Creating a last name was the easiest part, because I immediately could only think of one name: Barleybrew. You see, all the way back on my first character a long time ago, I was in Dun Morogh, questing in Brewnall Village where most Barleybrew NPCs reside, and I got the picture of hardy, humble brewers living out in the wilderness and bitterly in the shadows of the Thunderbrews, who have their very own distellery out in the comfort of Kharanos. If you haven't done the quest, "Bitter Rivals", you should. It's the quest that actually got me hooked into the game, and I may still be playing today because of it. Here's what happens: Marleth Barleybrew sends you to the Thunderbrew Distillery with some of her favorite brew, with a cunning plot. You must distract the distillery's downstairs guard, Jarven Thunderbrew, with what else but a nice mug of beer. Once you do that, he will leave the beer unattended and allow you to switch the Thunderbrew's ale with some of the Barleybrew's. At the time I thought this was so cool, and got drawn even more into the game. However, I was new to RP servers when I created Stoutley, and later realized that it isn't quite an accurate Dwarven name. To rectify this, I made Stoutley his nickname, which I thought worked out pretty well. To create a first name, I simply went to picked a particularly "cool" sounding from the list of words created by the in-game language parser at the bottom. Uncreative, I know. But I was looking for something real quick, and Haldir stuck out. I tried modifying it into something different, but couldn't come up with something better.

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