Commander Snowfi Kalisendra
5' 5
Hair Colour
Bright Blonde
Enchanting, Blacksmithing

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

At first glance, Snowfi gives off the image of a strong and proud military tactician. Her armor is usually cleaned (When it's not covered in sand or dust) and her hair is kept short (To keep the twigs out). At 5'5" she is not the tallest woman in the armed forces, but she carries herself with composure. Her bright blonde hair blows freely in the breeze and her nose and ear piercings reflect the sunlight long with her eyes.

Her armour choices reflect an officer who prides herself in her image. She isn't a fan of wearing a helmet since it tends ruin her hair, but she will keep it on in Stormwind since she finds it so dusty.

Her wardrobe consists mostly of various suits of armour, as she has not had much opportunity to obtain civilian clothes in recent years. Her weapons are chosen carefully for their balance and stability, and also to maintain an intimidating profile.

Snowfi is first and foremost a military officer. As such, her attitude towards the world is very rank-and-file. She is slow to open up to strangers, but is quite eager to strike up conversation, even if they end up talking about nonsense. Beneath her strict exterior is a clumsy girl who would prefer wearing a pretty dress to a suit of plate. She is eager to help people, mostly derived from her sense of duty to the Alliance and its citizens.

Her job and those involved take top priority, but she places a huge value on her friends. She would defend them to the end and is not afraid to cause a stir because of it.

Her idiosyncrasies would include being somewhat nosy and expecting people to drop what they're doing to give her attention. This "me first" attitude stems from her role in the Battlefield, a role she finds difficult to turn off when around civilians.

**As of 2014, Snowfi is now a member of the Horde!  Updates to come in the future! ***


Despite her young age, she has spent most of her adult life in the field. Her parents, both geologists prior to the Third War, had encouraged her to follow in their footsteps. Snowfi was well on her way to becoming a fine scholar and explorer but the events of the Third War caused them to be delayed.

Snowfi and her family fled to Theramore when the first signs of the war appeared. Her family were certainly not ones to encourage violence and the last place they expected their daughter to end up was in the military.

Snowfi salute

And that's exactly where she ended up. Although her parents had taken her away from the combat, Snowfi felt a burning desire to defend her home. Already strength-trained from heavy work in geology, Snowfi lied about her age to join the armed forces at the age of 16. Her abilities as a scholar allowed her to avoid front-line deployment and spent much of her duty time being trained in Tactics and strategy.

The skills she developed in the early years allowed her to excel at leading small groups. This natural command ability was seen by the higher Alliance brass who were eager to mentor someone with potential, especially in a period that was faced with a shortage of officers.

Four years after the end of the Third War, Snowfi had become a prominent and extremely popular Lieutenant in the armed forces. The male members of command had learned to appreciate her unique views as a woman, often offering up alterations to solutions in order to save men and resources.

The fact that made her so popular was her desire to stay close to the soldiers she worked with. She rarely stood behind a desk or table, preferring to discuss even confidential plans amongst her troops. She gave each person she worked with the same loyalty she gave to her family and they returned the favour.

A year after her promotion to Lieutenant, she was assigned to the newly formed Silithus Batallion, aimed at defending Alliance interests in and around the Silithus desert. She worked alongside men and women of the Cenarion Circle and developed a great respect for the druids there, which she continues today with all druids.

The opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj marked a jump point in Snowfi's career. The flood of Silithid and the Ten Hour War forced Snowfi make decisions she hoped she would never have to make. Her tactical ability and resolve helped the Alliance forces maintain their space in the region, though it cost her the lives of several friends. Among those lost was her Commanding Officer, a man she admired greatly. In the days following the opening, Snowfi was promoted to the rank of Commander, and second-in-command of the stationed Batallion. She answered only to a handful of people, a trait which sticks in her personality.

The opening of the Dark Portal meant little to Snowfi minus the knowledge that more than half of her assigned troops had been re-assigned to the Outlands. Having never been to the Outlands, she considered it a vile place that separated friends.

Her limited travel experience makes it difficult for her to discuss news from other regions, though she hopes to someday visit all the places her friends talk about.


The Skybreaker

Current DeploymentEdit

Recently, the more urgent need for experienced officers in Northrend forced a change in alliance operations in Silithus. Snowfi, along with the majority of her remaining batallion have been reassigned. Snowfi had a choice of positions to take and after some time, she chose a role as Quartermaster aboard The Skybreaker airship in Icecrown.

The transition from a desert to a frozen wasteland hasn't been easy, and Snowfi has been trying hard to adjust to the new environment (read: heavy drinking). As Quartermaster, her leading role has moved to more of a support role, but she enjoys being on the front lines once again.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

Her primary duty is to her uniform. She is completely loyal to the Alliance, but remarkably open. She despises the conflict with the Horde, considering that many druids she had met in Silithus were members of the Horde. She believes the Alliance might is better spent on fighting the Scourge instead of other civilized races.

She aims to find herself a mate, although she is in no rush. Watching her friends marry and have families have created a longing for her own similar life. She still views the military as her family and finds it difficult to change priorities.

Although trained as a Paladin, Snowfi finds the goals of the Light to be tedious and boring. She uses the Light to heal and build strength, but keeps away from the more religious aspects of it.


Cupcake flying

Cupcake the netherwhelp

The small netherdrake whelp known as Cupcake is Snowfi's most loyal companion. The perpetually-small whelp was found mysteriously in Silithus shortly after the opening of the Dark Portal. Although his origins are unknown, Snowfi quickly found a liking to the tiny drake. With no family in sight, and the drake generally unable to fend for himself, she adopted him as her companion.

The name, 'Cupcake' originates from the whelp's first meal. Having brought the drakeling to their camp in central Silithus, Snowfi allowed the netherdrake to eat anything he liked to try and find out his eating preferences. The small drake flew directly for the pastries and landed on a small cupcake. At that moment, Snowfi and the others watching knew that Cupcake would be a suitable name.

Despite his small size and reliance on Snowfi, Cupcake is quite vocal and communicative. Although most people generally hear whistles and small roars, Snowfi has learned to communicate with the small whelp. To people coming across her, it often looks as if she is talking to herself before noticing the small whelp whistling in conversation.