Outcast, Sinner, Seeker of Redemption, Defier of Destiny and truthful husband to Femu 'Blackrose' Enthesar. One would not attribute these words with a that harmless-looking silver-haired young Paladin, looking over the Moonwell with emerald eyes. One only needs to see his blade in battle, and their opinions would change at the drop of a pin. Exceedingly fast despite his armor class, brutally efficient with his bastard sword and Holy magic, Sizdothyx Enthesar is quite possibly one of the few black sheep of the former Silver Hand Academy, he never finished his Apprenticeship, he was uninitiated into the junior Paladin ranks, and strangely, choosing a sword above the traditional mace that the Paladins use to fit their fighting style. The term "black sheep" is used here because of the unorthodox (and somewhat dangerous) style that Sizdothyx uses to employ his Holy magic: emotion. Emotion in Holy Magic triggers were used very sparingly(and infamously by Arthas, because of his own nature), because of the thin line a Paladin treads, between a killing machine... and a Protector. It is unknown whether or not Sizdothyx will fall into the former role, but one thing is for certain: Baron Rivendare is waiting for him at the end of both paths.

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