General Information Edit


Age: 120 - (Somewhere between 20-25 Human years.)

Height: Five-Feet, Seven-Inches

Weight: Approx. 150lbs

Race: Sin'Dorei

Real Name: Serenadi Renaal Dawnstalker

Class: Hunter

Persona and Appearance Edit

Standing at her average height, Serenadi doesn't appear at all impressive. She's rather lanky and slouches a lot, making her look rather sulky most of the time. Her hair is a bright red, curling rather wildly and often held in a loose ponytail toward the top of her head. Her eyes are the standard green of a Sin'Dorei, her skin rather ashen-looking. She keeps mostly to herself and doesn't seem too talkative toward strangers and doesn't seem to know many people, or have many friends at all.

In spite of giving off a shy demeanor, when she speaks, boundless confidence and an almost arrogant sense of pride spills from her voice.

History Edit

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