Sentinels of Azeroth SoA
Base of Opertaion

Frustrated with the continuous bickering between the Alliance and the Horde, the Kirin Tor decided to take action on it’s own. With the assistance of Lady Jaina Proudmoore, the Kirin Tor set out to create it’s own form of a military unit dedicated to the defense of Azeroth and it’s citizens as a whole. The Sentinels of Azeroth, made up of citizens of the Alliance with a wish to keep not only their own homes but all of the world safe, have been formed for this reason. The Sentinels of Azeroth see not the Horde as their enemies, but the evil forces of the Scourge and other such evil forces. From the depths of the Deadmines, to the far reaches of the Outlands, into the frozen mountains of Northrend, the Sentinels confront all foes who threaten the peaceful folks of Azeroth.

OOC Info Edit

The SoA is a heavy military RP/PvE based guild. We hold weekly events, have a vent server, and do RP based raid events. Anyone interested in apply for the SoA should read the Guild Rules located on the forums and fill out a application on the website.

If you are a interested in forming an Alliance with the SoA please contact Breetie either in game or on the website.

A complete listing of the guilds rules and requirements can be found at

Recruiting info Edit

A minimum level of 20 is required to join the SoA, this is due to the fact that we travel alot and the use of a mount is very important. All applicants must fill out a application at the website and set up a time for a in character interview. Also all new recruits will go through a in character training program for their first couple weeks.

Leadership InformationEdit

Commander: Breetie Stronghammer
Chancellor: Istaar Icarus
Knight-Commanders: Anett, Braic Sharpeye

All Members rank Knight-Commander or higher are members of the Company council. All higher up decisions are made by the Company Council.

Mission BriefsEdit

Mission Pyrewood Village

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