Senior Apothecary Sarpe J'eromeEdit

Senior Apothecary Sarpe J'erome. Inventor for the Royal Apothecary.


Sarpe J'erome was born to a normal Blood Elf family, but he was not a normal blood elf. He always was tinkering with things. Not like an engineer, but with parts. Animal Parts. Growing up in a family as a warlock-in-training he always killed random critters for no reason. He used the 'spare' parts for his amusement. At the age of 13 he made a Rabbit-Deer-Cow abomination which.. well.. scared the other elves. He was drugged and abandoned in Silverpine forest. For years he lived alone, only with his demons, until he found Undercity. He then went on to train under the Apothecarium staff to learn how to make.. things. As of now Sarpe is an experimenter and inventor for the Royal Apothecary, though is usually looked down upon for being an elf.


Sarpe DOES NOT LIKE ELVES. He thinks they abandoned him. Which they did. And they are spawns of evil, which really, although he is unaware, he is a little more malicious.

Sarpe is very fond of all Forsaken. He would even take an abomination over another elf. He will latch on to any forsaken he comes in contact with.

Sarpe is usually very friendly to all, except elves, and will probably not go on a rampage of death unless he is asked of it. Sarpe is in NO WAY the kind of warlock who kills for fun. He kills for reward, and for 'parts' for his 'experiments'.

((More Coming Soon.))

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