Ali Samad
Game Information
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Class Paladin
Guild The Scarlet March
Height 6'0
Weight 190 lbs.
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 33
Alignment Neutral good



Ali Samad was born into the Obidune tribe, a group of wastewander in Tanaris. Though a mostly nomadic tribe, the Obidune spent a lot of time along the eastern coast of Tanaris, established a loose territory. Traditionally, the tribe would leave children under ten to live at a seaside village under the care of elders. When Ali came of age, he took up the path of the merchant, dealing with other peoples of southern Kalimdor. Ali was respected for his knowledge of many cultures and his easily persuasive offers. He was even willing to trade with enemies. However, southern Kalimdor was not at all a safe place. Ali grew to be an agile swordsman, fighting off silithids, trolls, centaur, and other enemies. He also learned how to harness the Light from tribesmen, although no one understood what the "Qadima", or "great force", was.

Troll WarsEdit

The Sandfury aggression was ruining the way of life for the wastewander tribes. At the age of merely twenty-one, Ali used the skills he learned to fight back. Under their leader Emir Hassan, the Obidune united the eastern wastewander tribes and successfully slaughtered all trolls within the eastern quarter of Tanaris. Inspired by this bravery, most of the other wastewander tribes united to push the Sandfurys back to Zul'Farrak. For awhile, this was a success, but the trolls put their superior technology, greater numbers, and shadow magic to use. They decided that a vicious genocide was neccessary.

Eastern PresenceEdit

When Ali was twenty-five, the Crestfall Trade Company, or CTC, arrived. This crew, ordered by Daelin Proudmoore to explore Tanaris, gave mixed feelings to the wastewander. Emir Hassan knew that the CTC could help save the land from trolls, so he ordered Ali Samad to propose an alliance. Together, the visitors from Kul Tiras and the natives of Tanaris travelled across the region, crushing the Sandfury empire. After this success, Ali joined the company to pursue a career as a sailing merchant. Despite a victory against trolls, the wastewander ways were declining. Ali needed to embrace the new world.

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