Rosanna Reis is a Worgen Priestess on the Alliance Faction of Moon Guard US. Played by user Fannie.

Sister Rosanna Reis
Kingdom of Gilneas
5' 9"
She's not telling!
Gilneas City

Sister Rosanna ReisEdit

Basic Biography Edit

  • Full Title: Sister Rosanna Reis,
  • Relatives: Renald Reis (Father), Lila Reis (Mother)
  • History: Sister Rosanna has played a key part in Gilnean religion since she first joined the Gilnean convent. Being a spiritual leader in a nation whose entire existance has depended on internal faith has been trying, but Rosanna perserveres due to the almost unbelievable patience she has disciplined herself to exert.

The walls of Gilneas, having cracked open, have allowed the citizens of Gilneas to join the Brotherhood of the Light, but Sister Rosanna remains a key figure in the opposition of this institution. Although a learned bishop and healer, Sister Rosanna refuses to be amalgamated into the now-gargantuan Stormwind religious body.

Physical Description Edit

Thin, wiry and notably wrinkled, Sister Rosanna fits the priestess archetype almost directly. She does not have talon-like fingers, her eyes do not appear a baleful yellow, and her teeth are most certainly not pointed. A paragon of discipline, Sister Rosanna remains very much in control of her feral tendencies, not feeling they are a disgrace or blight on the human race, but a personal challenge to overcome.

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