"Rivet" Riverwind
Night Elf
Deeprun Thieves Network
6' 4"
Ashenvale Forest, Kalimdor
Unknown; looks to be the equivalent of mid-to-late twenties.
Resin, a dim-witted panther.
Primary Profession
Fortune Telling
Current Residence
Harbor District, Stormwind City

At a Glance Edit

She appears as an average Kal'Dorei woman would: tall and confident. Her physique is defined by lean muscle and a wiry strength afforded through years and years of outdoor living. That is not to say, however, that she doesn't sport a healthy set of feminine curves in addition to all this.

Her skin, a faint purple hue, is partially rugged to the touch. A clear indicator that the woman has spent more afternoons in the sun than hidden away indoors.

The gypsy can most often be seen clad in a leather harness crafted from soft kidskin and a pair of well-worn cloth trousers. Studded leather bracers are also seen strapped to her slender forearms, regardless of the outfit she's in. It is also apparent that Rivet doesn't care for shoes, and is barefoot an unusually large portion of the time.

Personality Edit

Rivet is fairly outgoing and personable to new folks, men especially. She's got a brazen attitude, and is never afraid to say exactly what she means.

History Edit

Very few details have surfaced regarding Rivet's past, though a few official documents pave a somewhat-legible path.

A few snippets and official notes indicating that a "Hale Riverwind" was discharged from active duty in the Third War following the death of her father and elder sister.

A request for residence in Darnassus some years after the war.

There is a large gap in time between the last document and the next:

A marriage certificate issued in Gadgetzan.

A divorce certificate less than six months later.

The purchase of a wagon, various supplies, and a mule, signed by "Hale 'Rivet' Riverwind".

Recently... Edit

...She's still banging Redshaw.

Common Knowledge, Rumors, and Trivia Edit really, she's banging Redshaw.

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