The Riverbrook Cartel - Bringing back crime, a victim at a time.

The Riverbrook Cartel could be considered a mob, a mafia, a gang... Call it what you want, they're the true crime guild in Azeroth. They don't randomly kill people; they don't take five gold coins to kill a king; they do it their way, or they kill you. The members are actually quite diverse. They're a real group that can be summed up like this: They do what they want, when they want, how they want, where they want, and why they want.

Recently, the Cartel has flourished - Loki has come back, and accepted Daggles back as the mastermind. They will soon begin their new ascent.

(( Just wanted to change the fact that said Loki and Daggles quit. I'll add more stuff soon. ))

-Daggles ))

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