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Dr. Conan J. Ridgley, Jr.
Game Information
Faction Alliance
Race Dwarf
Class Hunter
Guild Modan Co
Height 4'5
Weight 201 lbs.
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 130
Alignment True neutral

Conan Ridgley, better known as simply "Rijj", is a 130-year old (middle aged) dwarven archaeologist. He was once a leader of the now defunct Cold Mountain League and currently leads his Modan Co.



Conan Ridgley was born into a middle class family in Thelsamar, Loch Modan. His father, Conan Ridgley Sr., was among the first men to take interest in archaeology and a founder of the Cold Mountain League. Due to archaeology being unpopular, Conan Sr. had trouble financially, but his wife Juneau kept a stable income as a blacksmith. Rijj has an older brother, Amadus Ridgley, who is currently a senator in Ironforge.


Becoming an adult at age forty, Rijj decided to leave home. He spent ten years in Ironforge as a mechanic, working with guns, cannons, and early plane and tank models. Ready to pursue a different career, Rijj began studying in archaeology. His studies were across three places - Ironforge, Undermine, and Lordaeron. By the time he was sixty, his studies were done. After that, Rijj's life was all about archaeology and treasure hunting.

The First WarEdit

Rijj and his father were both respected Cold Mountain League archaeologists at this point. On one unfortunate day, the father and son team decided to search for a relic in what is now known as Duskwood. When they made it to Sunnyglade (Darkshire), they encountered the Horde sacking the town. Rijj and his dad got in the middle of the fight but made it out alive. Conan Sr. had a serious injury and since then his right leg has been severly crippled. Because of this, he decided to retire from his career.

The Second War and onwardEdit

Rijj had more fun with this war. Rijj fought as both a tank pilot and a rifleman. He once even hopped in a plane - he wasn't supposed to, but he managed to kill some orcs before he crashed into a mountain. Fighting in both Khaz Modan and the northern kingdoms, Rijj felt very accomplished after the Alliance became victorious. A few years after the war, Rijj became a professor at Lordaeron, teaching archaeology and varied social study courses.

Then came a time Rijj got lucky. He was in Thelsamar when Arthas spread the plague across Lordaeron. For the protection of his home, he defended the Thandol Span from possible Scourge advancements. With two new continents coming back to relevance, Rijj later joined an expedition to Kalimdor, which lasted two years.

Modan Co.Edit

Recently, Rijj founded the Modan Co. The Modan Co. is a company of explorers, treasure hunters, and archaeologists. Rijj has two goals with his company. One is to find a legendary hidden treasure of the Arathi empire. The second is to find ancient artifacts across Kalimdor. Currently, the company has been successful.

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