Revru's appearance is typical of any human girl. A lithe, toned body, with a fair bosom and rear. She usually wears a dark robe, to cover her body with, and always has a very annoying green imp following her. Black hair trails down her face, covering the left side of her face. She is generally a shy person, only speaking freely to her impish stalker.

World of Warcraft Warlock by FairJinx

Revru, the Unlucky WarlockEdit

Revru was born in Lordaeron, ten years before the attack by Arthas Menethil. Her childhood is typical of any other, filled with frolicking and happiness. However, when the Scourge came, her family's home was burned to the ground. She would have died with her whole family as well, however she was teleported away, by a small imp who had taken a liking to her. Fearful of the fel, she tried to evade the demonic imp, spending ten years trying to get away. And then she figured it out. This annoying, rude, perverted imp's soul was bound to her own. So, with that, she found the imp, and chose to take him in, if he would teach her the ways of the Warlock. Alas, the imp does not know much, and her hunger for knowledge yearns for more. Now, she seeks to find a more powerful warlock to teach her.

((I plan to make her a worgen in Cata. Knowing her luck, she'll be bitten by a drunken Worgen, in Stormwind. ^^))

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