James "Jamie" Redshaw
Game Information
Game Name Redshaw; Redshàw
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Class Rogue; Warrior
Guild Wisps and Spirits; Rini Dieb; Underfoot Express; Felsworn Sails; The Cause; Deeprun Thieves Network
Professions Mining, Skinning
Height 5'10"
Weight 159 Lbs.
Gender Male
Hair Red
Eyes Polychromatic (green, blue)
Age 32
Alignment Chaotic Good (leaning Neutral)

Bio Edit

Appearance: "It's nae the distance, darlin'. It's the moileage."

Appearing tall, broad shouldered and generally difficult to knock down, Jamie remains quite lithe, despite his huskier features. Landing somewhere between his very late twenties and early thirties, Jamie's once handsome and fair features have hardened with time, worn away by rough years and dulled by drink. His complexion remains pale, as is common among Northerners, and his face is littered with a horde of freckles that journey down his neck to his lower back, shoulders and beyond. His cheeks seem to remain a constant shade of blush red and a dimple-tipped grin gives way to a mostly full set of yellow, tobacco-stained teeth. His disproportionately large ears angle outward from his head awkwardly, the right remaining plain and unadorned, the left pierced by two silver rings in the lobe and helix. His mane of cinnamon red hair is as thick and curly as sheep's wool.

Of Jamie's features the most noteworthy is probably that his eyes are two separate colors; the left a deep moss green while the right a bright sky blue.

Jamie's hands are large, powerful, callused things attached to bony wrists and consistently containing dirt beneath uneven fingernails. He rarely stands at full height, seeming to be constantly hunched; this may be due to an injury his back has suffered sometime in his life or possibly the massive chip on his shoulder.

((Yet to come))

Background Edit

((Yet to come))

Childhood - Tragedy is so much funnier than Comedy Edit

((Yet to come))

Young Adulthood - The Last in Line Edit

((Yet to come))

Recent History - Opportunistic Identities Edit

Totally banging Rivet.

Current Events - ...and the Ass he Rode in On Edit

He's not around to be found. This probably means he's at my moms place.

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