• Name: Dale Earnhardt Sr. 
  • Nickname(s): Reanai
  • Race: Blood Elf
  • Age: 320 (approx.)
  • Birthplace: Silvermoon City
  • Class: Rogue
  • Title(s): Horde Champion, Spymaster
  • Profession(s): Leatherworker, Skinner
  • Guild: Iron Dragon


Upon first glance, Reanai appears as little more than a ruffian with an annoying grin constantly plastered over his face. Despite the roughneck look, he hardly presents himself in such a criminal demeanor. His sun-tanned skin is often clean and his fel-infused eyes focused. Jet-black hair draws back along his scalp and cuts off at a focal point near the back, which is indicated by the sudden variation in hair length; as though it were amateurishly cut in one swipe of a razor-edged blade. The scars on his face are few and recessed, though their lining along his chest and arms are far more prominent. A tall, athletic build brimming with muscles divulges the man's active lifestyle. Furthermore, calloused hands and prominent knuckles indicate the close-quarters-combat style of fighting with which is he accustomed.

Rarely seen in casual clothing, he often rides about in full battle-armor, ranging from the crafted leathers from war to the Crimson Ring and Steamweedle Cartel's gladiatorial armaments. Intricate clasps cross over the leather armor, often holding together reinforced armor or attaching one piece to the next in a long, intricate maze. And while it is put to constant use, his armor rarely holds the stench of recent battle, blood, or sweat thanks to the meticulous efforts of Silvermoon's priestesses. Atop his armor, he wears several tabards; the two most often worn being the pristine cloth of the Sunreavers and the flayed, battle-worn Shattered Sun Offensive mark.



Early LifeEdit






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