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Razza Rellori

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Razza James Rellori
Height / Weight / Age
6'5 / 56 kg / 42 yrs old
No information
Time in SI-7
Around 25 years

Razza James Rellori, The son of Donale Rellori and Tirrilia Marinoan.

Early Life and Childhood Edit

Razza was born in Ironforge. His Parents usually took him outside Ironforge to see the snow.
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Young Razza out in the snow

When he was eight he started training as a guard. He showed his skills off to a crowd, and the SI:7 soon offered him a job because of his knowledge of combat.

Teen Years Edit

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Razza when training as a SI-7 agent

Razza trained as a SI7 agent all his teen years, He never had time to do anything fun and only got to see his parents at the Fest of Winter's Veil. He became a full SI-7 agent when he was sixteen, and his first mission started when he was seventeen. His first mission is classified by the SI:7, and every Alliance city has secret records of missions Razza  has completed, as he did a lot of missions in various locations until he was twenty.

Kidnapping Edit

While spying on the undead, Razza was kidnapped for ten years. During that time Razza became a Death Knight. Finally, after ten long years in the Lich King's service, the death knights attacked Light's Hope Chapel to try and defeat the Argent Crusade. His unit rebelled and joined back with there original friends in there home cities.

Razza Came back. Edit

Razza came back thirty years old and retired.He moved to the Hinterland with some of his old friends

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Razza on the balcony of his old house

Politic Polices Edit

Razza is a politician who thinks for the people of stormwind.

He Is against death by hanging and shooting, But agrees with death by poison

He Thinks that refugees should not be allowed in any city and they should be sent back to there home country

He Thinks that taverns should be required to check the age of the buyer.

Moving To Hillsbrad Edit

Razza has now moved to Hillsbrad fields, Retiring from politics for the time being.

Razza Leaving Hillsbrad Edit

Razza was arrested in his house in Hillsbrad, He was trialled for trying to kill a citizen, He was jailed for three days, Afterwards, He was attacked by citizen on his views, The citizen said that Razza attacked first and Razza was kicked out of hillsbrad, He moved back to Stormwind City and met some old friends, Who some of them have made a Military Group, Razza soon afterwards joined the group.

A few months past of Razza living a slow life in Stormwind, He was contacted by mysterious men to meet him in a mysterious building...

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