Raven Clan


Fellowship, Heavy RP
(working on that)
Guild Leader

Introduction Edit

(Will be working on this for a little while bear with me.)

Azeroth. Home to many. A Sanctuary for others. An object to be fought over by our enemies, and there are many of those.

There are many who stand and fight. There are others who ignore the signs. Then there are those like ourselves, who go boldly into the fray, bringing the pain and anguish to their doorsteps. We, the sadistic few, who know our enemies' weaknesses. We will be the front line for your war. Your battles. We'll tread where you fear to venture. So, you may laugh at our armor, weapons, and fellows. You'll see us though. Where we go, death and destruction follows in our wake. We prepare for the Enemy everyone forgets about. The Enemy who is directing the others. Who was it that Verimathras failed in the end? Who is it that the Lich King was building his armies to fight? I doubt very much it was the Horde or the Alliance. We were just practice. So, You think we are crazy for engaging and learning these enemies weaknesses and strategies to beat them. Well, they are just practice for us. We plan to be ready for the Enemy who is running the show. After all, even Illidin knew there was something coming that was bigger and badder then all of these small fry we are dealing with now. So, bring your armor, weapons, and kiss your loved ones one last time. We're off to do war with the Enemy and we don't know when we'll be back.

We are the Outcasts and the Orphans. We are the survivors.

Membership Information (IC) Edit

-Posters have started to show up in all the major cities on the announcement boards- Outcast from your people? Orphaned by the various wars and ignored by your Elders? Raven Clan will adopt you. We are not a large Clan, but there is strength in numbers. -the poster has a seal at the bottom of a two headed raven on a blood red field-

Membership Information (OOC) Edit

We do have a small Interview with players who are wanting to join the Guild. Usually we'll invite a non-guilded member during or after a Group/Dungeon/Raid (Must be from Moon Guard). We have a no Level minimum currently.

Members who can invite:

Any Currently

(Coming Soon)

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