7'/385 lbs.
Druid by training
True Neutral
Thunder Bluff


Raised is notably shorter than an average Tauren, but is stocky and solidly built. He wears heavy layered robes, but the areas of his fur that are exposed are matted and dingy, mottled with patches that have fallen out. His face is covered by a complex mask, with only a small area around his eyes visible. The mask is mostly functional: anyone who catches glimpses underneath it from the right angle sees an inner series of leather bands and braces that supports what is left of Raised's deformed face. Most of the left side of his skull and face are withered and rotted away, a small patch of fur and a reasonably healthy horn are all that remain.


Raised speaks verbosely, his words elevated and full of prose. The delivery is not so pristine however; his voice is gruff and hoarse, sometimes punctuated with low gurgles emitted under his mask. He often seems distracted, even when speaking directly with someone, his focus wandering.


Raised is a Druid by training but no longer by culture, rarely returning to Moonglade and not belonging to any of the various Druidic sects of Azeroth. He seems to maintain connection to nature however, calling upon both ravenous feral and restorative energies with equal aptitude. He seems extraordinarily preoccupied with Forsaken and Blight, and currently travels routinely between Northrend and Lordaeron performing research on various samples of both Scourge and Forsaken flesh, bone and artifact.

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