General Info Edit


Full Name: Penalin Shazeer Beddarr Lightfoot O'Connell

Age: Seventeen

Birthday: May 10th

Birthplace: Grand Hamlet(Darkshire), Southern Elwynn Forest(Duskwood)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Appearance and Personality Edit

Penalin is short, about five feet and two inches. She has full, butter blonde hair that reaches just to her shoulders, with bangs that seem perpetually hanging in her face. Thick, dark eyelashes surround dark brown eyes that can't seem to concentrate on one thing for too long. Neither stick-thin or heavy-set, she's a pleasant medium - her body still developing from child to adult.

Penalin is unfailingly humble, quiet and pious when in the presence of her priestly peers. When in the company of friends, there's still an element of humility and piousness, but stunted by an excited, childish loudness. She's very excitable and almost annoyingly happy at all times.

Childhood Edit

(( Coming soon! ))

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