• Name: Ovir the Talespinner (Ovir Skythunder)
  • Age: No one really knows... First noted appearance in history is just after the summoning of Ragnaros.
  • Appearance: Stocky. His hair and beard are Bronzebeard red, though they used to be gray from the affects of his stave. Usually walks about in the vestments of a priest, only removing them at certain gatherings to put on his leisure attire.
  • Weapon: Rhysarith the Flame, an ancient fel staff that was found in a tomb in the Wetlands. The staff's origin is High Elven.
    • The Flame's fire is the green color of felfire when times are evil. It's flame is more natural when prosperity reigns.
    • The staff holds the spirit of all that is evil. As long as Ovir bears it, it cannot escape for reasons yet discovered.
    • There have currently only been 2 known bearers of the staff, a Gnome named Mordec and whomever rests in the tomb it was found in.

The Flame's CompanyEdit

There is a group of individuals who are linked with the Staff of Flame.
  • Ovir Skythunder- Current bearer.
  • Mordec Tocksprocket- Previous bearer.
  • Starkey Johnson- Human man who wishes to steal the staff, though he still believes this is Mordec.
  • Dist Oaktrail- A druid with visions of the staff's evil corrupting the lands of the Eastern Kingdoms.
  • Omrivuu- A Draenei who is ordered to seek the staff by Velen himself.
  • "Tum"- Gnome that seeks to destroy the staff. Intentions why are yet to appear.