Salty Otter
90 lbs.
Fishing, Cooking, Tailoring, Jewelcrafting


His history with the Alliance runs deep. Some suggest that Otter was a Troll at some point in time, but there hasn’t been any detailed evidence comfirming that speculation. Through the limited information that has been gathered, Otter is said to originate long ago from Ottergon. It is not known how or why he came into magic.


Many things having to do with his personality seem fairly commonplace for a Gnome. He is generally concerned about the well-being of the Alliance, though Otter is mainly a protectorate of women and doesn’t care for other males (with the exception of other Gnomes). He is very confident in his wisdom and insists on mentoring and disciplining other Mages that appear to wear lesser quality garments in a good-willed attempt to strengthen ties within the Magi culture. Otter has been known to express that these younger Mages need support and guidance from an experienced Mage like himself. He views those on the front lines who taunt and take damage from the enemy as less than intelligent (with the exception of other Gnomes). Otter chooses to express his disdain by calling them “meat shields”.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Stands roughly 4′2″, 90 pounds, light skin, white hair and full beard, pale blue eyes. Under his helm, which he is rarely seen not wearing, his face appears relaxed and non threatening; Otter often shows his face around people and areas where he is most comfortable. He is said to have elaborate tattoos on his left arm but chooses to wear long sleeved garments to cover them. A white beard is the most noticeable feature of the Gnome, making him appear older than he actually is. Otter has been known to stress how important wisdom is to him; the smarter you look, more peers will respect you and more enemies will fear you.

Trade SkillsEdit

Otter is quite vocal about his displeasure of all types of Engineering, though hopping into the side car of a Mechano-hog seems a little too comfortable for his objections. He has a great affinity for Jewelcrafting and is passionate about discovering new patterns each week; as a result, he has developed a slight OCD type compulsion towards titanium ore, so much that mining services have sent his funds into peril on more than one occasion. Tailoring is what Otter falls back on when he is unable to attain any gems or ore. He typically finds additional ways to salvage more cloth off of enemies than his allies.

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