Strong face, wiry body, limbs corded with tight muscles, and beautiful features - Opera Sunstreaker is quite a masculine match to her male counterparts. However, she makes no attempt to hide her true gender in civilian crowds if approached in a kind, respectful manner. She will deny you throughly and not without a bit of forced anger, if she is on patrol. She realizes this is a huge dick move on her part, and is throughly sorrowed and apologetic, but she has no other avenues available.

She has a mild Adonis complex, and is strict with her body and it's intake (except for really, really good shisha. And MAYBE she does a bit of Mana Dust here and then, back the hell off!) She has been slowly stripping her body of estrogen, and tweaking her vocal chords through magical means.

Her facial hair is fake, but her smile is warm, lovely, and always friendly. And her demeanor even moreso. She is a true entrepreneur of the male spirit, and yes, would love to party at your place tonight. However, if prompted, she CAN be the most charming, higher-society man man you may ever meet, which lends to her role quite well. She speaks in a strange accent: it's her take on imitaiting Dwarves, whom she great admires despite their constant filthyness.

Like all of her brethren, she has just great hair. Seriously.

Despite her amazonian form, she is still very much an appreciater of the male sex in both body and heart. Please do not be offended if you see her eyes drift your way, though she will understand if it upsets you.

She is unsure at this time whether or not she is just upping her physique - or is stripping away any and all feminine qualities? At this point, she is unsure what would benefit her the most, or what would make her happy - or possibly devastated.

Opera thinks you should eat more, and lift heavy shit. And, no, you CAN'T get that body eating Hallow's Eve Treats and Wolf Burgers! Goddamn!

OOC notes:

- No ERP, this character was not made for fetish purposes and I shouldn't have to type that out. All walk-up RP is encouraged.

- I am worried about the mental state of some people wishing violence upon me -and yet, they're furries.

- Kind of a chatterbox.

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