Olassieara Leafsdawn


Miner, Goblin Engineer
Chaotic Good
Katan (father, deceased), Mithrehin (mother), Juhara (sister), Zofina (adopted sister)

Appearance Edit

Olassieara Leafsdawn is young, and looks it. She’s thirty years old, at the prime of her teenage years even for an elf, and has become very close to nature. She's seldom seen without a flower, leaf, or some other debris caught in her hair.

  • AGE: Young for an elf - no more than 30 years old. Fully mature, but still very young.

In Character HistoryEdit


Olassieara Leafsdawn really only had a few chances to meet her father, as he was usually asleep in the Barrow Dens, lost in Ysera's Emerald Dream. The first of two natural born children of Mithrehin Leafsdawn and Katan Rainstrider. She took after her father almost to a 'T', showing great affinity as she grew for nature and the forests during the quiet days of the Sentinel's long vigil.

However she soon showed signs of inheriting her mother's curse. She started to have bouts of uncontrolled magical and arcane expressions, and chose to focus those bursts into her druidic powers, channeling the power through nature. As a result she grew closer to nature, closer to Nordrassil, and closer to her father's druidic power.


Her father was killed by the Horde in the days just after the Battle of Mount Hyjal, sparking in her a deep dislike of the Horde. To add insult to injury her younger sister Juhara - the pale one - was born looking more like a Quel'dorei than a Kaldorei. Her family loved Juhara, but the world treated her badly in the post-Hyjal era. Juhara was eventually forced to move to Silvermoon and live with her great grandmother Ryhenna. As a result Olassieara was no fan of the alliance either - she'd work with them, but with hesitation.

Much preferring the company of the trees and the forest, Olassieara tended to be a loner. She took some fascination learning druidism from her mother's friend Losille, the first druid trainer Olassieara took seriously since her father's death. Losille was slightly off balance at best, and at worst completely insane. Besides druidism, Olassieara picked up Losille's fascination with explosives and engineering.

OOC Info Edit

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