The Nomads of Stonetalon is an order created exactly 300 years ago, and will technically always be three hundred years ago as they have completely broken time surrounding them in a large paradox that nearly no one can figure out. This order was founded by Rer Gori, an older male with a large, scruffy, long beard. His hair was nearly as long as his beard, it covered a tattered and wrinkled face. His eyes were quite bulbous and bright, they hawked down a bit. Some time during his life he had an encounter with a challennging foe, it gashed out the left side of his face, leaving a crude scar, and costing him vision in his now empty eye. Various wounds, and deffects that come with age aside, Rer Gori pushed on, leading a bvery successful order. The order's actual purpose was to track down the magus Medivh, and learn his infinite wisdom and power. Made up of almost every race allied with humans throughout all time, they were a large order and took up refuge in the oracle cavern system. As such their garb was adjusted to this, they would traverse time and come out every year during the summer to earn themselves the Midsummer Firefestival raiment, which is still found in various caverns, appearently abandoned in most scenarios. The reason the order is so displaced is that the light from their mantles seem to distort time and space, which has resulted to them being lost back in time, 300 years ago, though the order collapsed when Medivh went to the main oracle cavern to warn Thrall of the burning legion. Magic left behind by Medivh drove the order power mad, as they collapsed the caverns upon themselves. There was one survivor, or at least- one evident survivor- Regorius, the Tenth. There were three main families in this order, the Gorius dynasty, the "x"'s, and the Rerors. Each family contributed greatly to the order's short-lived success.

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