Niniel Snowblood
Game Information
Game Name Niniel
Faction Horde
Race Blood Elf
Class Death Knight
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Alignment Neutral (Good)

Niniel is a death knight affiliated with the Knights of the Ebon Blade. She haunts the outskirts of small towns and outposts, defending their gates against the Scourge or accepting requests for help from those willing to approach her. As she moves frequently from place to place, she can be difficult to track down.

Very little is known about her, since she doesn’t appear to have recovered much of her former personality or memories.


Niniel seems to have been killed and raised within a short time span, and the most obvious signs of her undeath are the pale tone of her skin and the chill that hangs in the air around her. Her limbs are thin, and her hands are long and spidery. Dark circles hang under her eyes. More than anything, she looks famished. Her expression lies somewhere between total neutrality and patient resignation, though she prefers to keep her face covered with her helm.


Niniel is blunt, but without intending to give offense; she is relearning social behavior and experimenting with appropriate levels of honesty. As of now, she is mostly a blank slate, but she does show traces of a dry, observant sense of humor.


Her primary affiliation is to the Ebon Blade, and she will usually take any assignment given to her by Horde leadership.

She is occasionally found in the company of the Darkspear hunter Aizan, who follows her quietly, calls her “miss,” and most likely knew her before she became a death knight.

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