Nalfar Voidheart
Game Information
Game Name Nalfar
Faction Alliance (tentatively)
Race Eredar
Class Death Knight (Warlock when alive)
Guild None
Professions Mining and Jewelcrafting
Height 7'3"
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Light Blue
Eyes Glowing Blue
Age Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Garments/Armor: When not donning his battle armor, Nalfar prefers the vestiges of the warlock, something he is far more comfortable wearing.
  • Appearance: Everything about Nalfar's appearence tells you straight away that death hasn't changed him very much. His complexion is smooth and blemish-free and his frame is well-toned. He wears his nails longer than his draenei kin--an old habit from his warlock days. He prefers to keep his pale blue locks tied up into an extremely short and spiky ponytail. The dark iron cuff on his tail is etched with demonic runes which glow a faint purple color when there is no light.


Arrogant and self-serving, Nalfar never seems to display emotions of guilt or remorse. If he does anything at all, it's to further his own agenda, with no consideration to how it may affect anyone else. He carries himself with an egotistical air when he walks.


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