Nailia Silvacce
Game Information
Game Name Nailia
Faction Horde
Race Blood Elf
Class Mage
Guild House Silvacce
Professions Tailoring / Enchanting
Height 5'10"
Weight Average
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Age Roughly 22 in human years.
Alignment True Neutral, rapidly shifting to Neutral Evil

Appearance and Personality Edit

Nailia is, simply put, a pretty, conceited young woman. While among the Elves beauty is the expected standard, Nailia tends to take it a bit too seriously, spending hours on her hair and clothes before daring to even open her window shutters. Her vanity is well-known, considering she keeps a mirror or five in her ever-present purse, and her dresses are always following the latest trends. Despite this rather large pitfall, she tends to be polite and sweet as best she can.

Well, until she doesn't get her way, in any case. Though she serves as a politician and keeps up the facade well, in private she tends to get fussy and temperamental if anything goes wrong.

History Edit

Nailia was born as Nailia Shando'lar,

( WIP. Read: I'm finishing it later. >.> )

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